Silvia de Privitellio

POESIA: Non ci siamo neanche accorti
Di perderci nella menzogna: mentire a sè
Forse ora so che puoi afferrarmi nelle fughe senza infangarti Senza ammettere che di te
Anche solo il pensiero liquefatto in quell’unico sorso
Mi rendeva davvero felice. – 18/04/2017

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  1. I love you more than any man
    But something’s getting in the way
    I do you harm because I can
    For the second time today
    Victims we are not of happenstance
    But you’re a victim all the same
    Stuck inside a circumstance
    With your confusion and your blame

  2. I ask you for another second chance
    But then I drink it all away
    And I get bellicose when you react
    For the frustration and dismay
    I was so delicate when we began
    So tender when I spoke your name
    But now I’m nothing but a partisan
    To my compulsion and my shame

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